Ella was 4 months old when she came to Louisville from California. I had previously purchased and finished another Oxford bitch, Ch. Oxford Kamio Hope and Glory and was looking for another pretty bitch to show and have fun with. She fit right in with my two other girls and settled in to grow up a bit. Ella was beautiful from the start, but I didn't realize her potential till I started showing her myself. (that in itself did not give her an edge over other dogs in her class as I grew up showing Dachshunds and whippets are very different). So, IN SPITE OF MY HANDLING, Ella was a consistent winner. She won her first major at Palm Springs at the age of six months, our National Futurity at 10 months of age, and finished her championship at fourteen months with limited showing. Her first SBIS was at Del Valle in the fall of 2006 and repeated that win this past fall at Del Valle.
Neither Tad nor I had any idea she was winning that day! I love to go to our National and see all the young dogs born since the last one. I was in Oregon to show at the National, yes, but largely motivated to make the trip because my youngest daughter lives in Portland and had agreed to come to Eugene for a few days.

During the breed judging I was sitting directly across from Tad on the other side of the ring and I think both of us were thinking simultaneously, "Darn....she isn't even getting a selct!"! Then when Cindy walked over and pointed at him for BOB....he jumped straight up in the air and was so excited. I was numb at that point! What a win! What an exciting day! I think Ella is the first bitch to win the futurity and then go on to win BOB at the National.(Someone told me that shortly after) There has been a dog to do that.

I give Jan and Grahm Swayze credit for handling her during the Dec.2006 through September 2007 period. Jan started her out in Cleveland and later in the spring Grahm took the reins. Jan and I both had to hide and both shared the nervous mom role as Grahm has become one of my kids too. There are lots of wanna be mothers for Grahm. Tad Brooks, Meisterhaus, is a dear friend of mine and one of Ella's favorite people in the world. He showed her for me at Delvalle and will handle her whenever she is shown now.
“Ella” movement.
 2008 National Specialty Winning
SBIS Ch Oxford Tobell Fire and Ice
Tad and “Ella”