Tuija Elomaa
“Pipsqueak Whippets”
1.  How many years have you been in Whippets ?

 I bought my first whippet in autumn 1987

2.  What breeds, (if any) did you have prior to whippets?

My first own dog was a Borzoi bitch Aretta “Veeruska”.  She was born April 1975 and was put to sleep spring 1987. She was attacked by a Bullterrier when she was just 6 months old, she was injured badly and was shown only a couple of times.
3.  What made you decide to get a whippet?

I wanted to have a sight hound breed, but smaller than Borzoi. Near us lived couple whippets that we met on our daily walks in forest. I first didn’t like their look, but the way they were acting and running around the forest was somehow fascinating. After Veeruska passed away I started to think having whippet and Italian greyhound, but after I got my first whippet I have never had any thoughts to have another breed.

4.  Who was your first whippet?  Was he/she a show dog and did they finish?

My first whippet was Starglow’s Secret Story “Cherie”; she was almost six months old when I got her. She
was small 44, 5 cm tall bitch with totally erect ears. She was not successful show dog, but managed to win two CC’s. She was mother to one litter at kennel Starglow’s.

5.  What dog(s) have you owned or bred that you feel is your best whippet(s)?

Muumi, Fin S Can Ch Pipsqueak Charmtroll (born 1997) has been the one that has been most winning at a shows and she is still doing well at a show rings. She has been Top Whippet in Finland 2000-2001 + Top Whippet and Top Veteran 2007 at age of 10. Muumi’s mom Siv, Fin Ch Play a While Fantasiregn has been priceless brood bitch; she has been top brood bitch/producer In Finland #1 2001-2004 and even 2007 she was 2nd.
Aretta Veeruska