2007 - 2009
November 29, 2010
I am in awe over all the work you do. For example, you have done some of the best interviews with Whippet breeders. The best one is with Dan Lockhart.  If I can do something for EWhippetzine, let me know. I have not checked the IG magazine. I used to have IGs too - love them.
November 15, 2010
Hi Vicki,
I love looking through your 'magazine' and would really like to be on the mailing list.
Leah Perry
Currently living in TX but returning home to Australia soon!
October 23, 2010
Please add nwpngt@aol.com to your mailing list. Very nice issue.
Pete Temple
October 17, 2010
Great magazine, keep up the good work.

Many Thanks
Cathie Brown

September 20, 2010
Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy the magazine, thanks for
sending the link each time it comes out.

When I have internet, I do enjoy the EWhippetzine alot, its wonderful to
see the results of shows I use to attend and see the dogs that won. The
breed has made a good comeback, some of the winners are great
representives of the Breed.

Well anyhow, wanted to thank you, If you do interviews, I would be
happy to chronicile my 35yr career in whippets, so people know where
Hasue Hounds comes from. I will put the address on the bottom of this note

Again Many Thanks,
Kathleen M Banks
Hasuehounds (retired)

August 24, 2010
Hi Vicki

I'm so very belatedly wishing to thank you for the lovely feature on the 2009 AKC Dual Champions, of which I am breeder of two!  My total is nine breeder-owner-handled AKC Dual Champions.  I believe only Donna Richards has a higher number, 13 at last counting.  She and I are good friends, but I'll never catch up to her while I live where there is so little AKC lure coursing available!

This is such a hard row to hoe, and it is nice to have an explanation of what DC means as well as lovely pictures of this truly versatile group of dogs in the public eye.  

It occurs to me, looking at all of them that they have one thing in common--NONE of them has any part of their anatomy that is extreme, they all have lovely curves in the right places and no excesses of conformation.

It's also fun for me since Ryan's sire (MBiF, AWC National Specialty Lure Trial winner, DC Can. Ch. Belaya Cirquedusoleil SC FCH AX AXJ CGC and Therapy Dog is the uncle of DC Can. Ch. B. Silver Lining SC RN.  So more of "All in the Family."

Thank you again for running this article, and I hope to begin advertising soon.  I now have a new computer and can do more sending of photos efficiently, etc.

Very sincerely,
Carol (Chittum and Dr. V. Celeste Carter)
Belaya Whippets.......beautiful minds, beautiful bodies
Windsong Farm in the Snoqualmie Valley of Western WA

July 24, 2010
Hi, Vickie - I haven't had a chance to look at this issue yet, but I'm
sure it's great! I do have a different email address as this one will be
going away soon.
Connie Brunkow

July 7, 2010
Hi Vicki,
I've loved looking at your magazine and love the concept of your new one. I'm very interested in advertising and being on the cover ... Do you need me to email you a picture of the painting? And if so, when? I can also send you my business card and will begin thinking about creating an ad.
Are you a photographer as well as an online publisher? Is the current cover your photograph? It is so beautiful...it inspires me to want to paint those beautiful dogs. I would love to figure out a way to combine our talents to build your business as well as mine somehow.??
Please ad me to your email list for your online magazines.

Meg Keeling
July 4, 2010
I would love to have a subscription sent to me - can you tell me how to be added to the list.

Karen Innocente
The Noble Hound
May 6, 2010
Monday morning I’m closing this e-mail account, so please change our address to:
Stay in touch and keep those cards and letters coming in!

April 27. 2010
Hi Vickie,
Sorry we missed you at the National. Could you please add my email address to your new issue notification?
Please use my other email address:

February 23, 2010
I loved the article on working whippets. Thanks so much for sharing it with the fancy. And the back page ad was stunningly clever.
Keep up the good work!
Linda Scanlon #2793