Training the working whippet

Training should start straight away when the pup is just 8 weeks of age.  I work my whippets alongside ferrets so it's very important to introduce a pup to ferrets as early as possible. You don't want a dog that can't be trusted with the ferrets. I like to give the puppy and a trusted ferret a little goats milk together for the first week. The pup soon learns to accept the ferret in
it's own space and starts to trust the ferret. I also make sure the ferret cage is placed in an area where the pup is exercising in the garden before it's had it's vaccinations. The puppy will be interested in the ferrets early on but it soon accepts them. I also have the puppy around when I'm cleaning out the ferrets. This also gets the ferrets used to the new puppy.
Once the puppy has had it's vaccinations you can start lead training.  Two or three short walks a day will soon have the puppy walking at heel on the lead.
Working Whippets In The UK
Since the hunting ban came into force in February 2005 preventing us from hunting anything else other than rabbits and rats with dogs, the whippet has become more popular as a working dog in it's own right and rightly so. They are more than capable if trained correctly to give a good account of themselves out in the field.
Vixen sharing a dish of goats milk
with the ferret
by Paul Mallatratt - Mallyfield Whippets & Photography