Ch Kirklea Longlesson Belcanto
In the earliest part of my dog history, my mother and father Peggy and Louis Swayze were members of the Atlanta Kennel Club.  One on their friends thru the club  was Larry Shaw, “Kirklea”.  He had Italian Greyhounds, Whippets, and Greyhounds going back into the mid fifties.   He had given me my first dog to show in 1961, an IG Ch Kirklea Longlesson Bel Canto.

As she got older I became involved in Larry's whippets.  At the time he and others in the area were doing a lot of breeding from the lines of Meander and Stoney Meadows. Jim Gray had IGs as well with his partner Harold Wells.  Larry and Jim produced a few litters of IGs, but they became more and more interested in whippets.  Cora Miller, “Hound Hill”, lived in Atlanta at the time  and was a
Photo by Robin Barry ‘08
kennel partner of Larry in the sixties showing some of his more notable dog such as  Ch Kirklea Court of Love , Ch Kirklea Flying Machine and others.

The first whippet that I ever showed was called Ch Kirklea Flight Pattern.  He was eventually shown by Michelle Billings (Leathers at the time) and Don Bradley .  The dog went on to be one of the top dogs in the South.  I was promised a puppy from one of this dogs litters,  Longlesson Pretty Pattern.   He had been bred to Bettebrook Samantha, a black and white out of  Ch Courtney Fleetfoot of Pennyworth x Pennyworth Ebony Princess.  Cal Perry also had a bitch from this litter, Appraxin Sunland Flirt. The litter was co bred by a woman named Marie Shope from the Florida area that also had IGs.