1. Always use the most current form available.
2. If you create your own computer-generated version, be sure to include all the information just like the current ASFA entry form. Especially the registration number which has a tendency to be cut off.
3. Always include or encourage the inclusion of email addresses. This makes contacting the owner/agent easier should a question arise or to confirm when the hound completes a title.
4. Be sure entries are legible and complete. I can only input what I can interpret.
5. Club name/initials and the date of the trial must be at the top of the entry. Ch. IV Sec 6
6. All entries must be 5 ½ X 8 ½. Ch IV Sec 3 #1. Please be sure to only separate from other half of sheet.
7. Entries are to be completed in entirety by all exhibitors. This is especially important for first time-entered hounds. Ch. II Sec 1 #7 Every FTS should be reviewing for completeness when they are filling out the record sheet. Then obtaining any missing data from the owner at the trial if necessary.
8. If the entry is marked that it is a first ASFA point trial, it is the FTS’s responsibility to be sure that the hound certification and the required copy of acceptable registration is included. If the Hound Certification has been waived, a copy of the signed waiver and proof of the title must accompany first entry in an ASFA pointed trial.
9. The entry must be marked if the hound has been dismissed for the trial to count as a clean trial. Ch. VIII Sec 2
10. If a hound is lame, in-season, absent, etc at roll call (not pulled after a course), document at the top of the entry. An entry MUST be included with the trial results for these hounds. See Ch VI Sec 1 C.
11. A photocopy of acceptable registry must be submitted with a hound’s first ASFA entry. (Waived for NGA registered hounds) Ch. V Sec 4 (a) {effective 1/1/03}. It is the responsibility of the owner/agent to supply but it is the responsibility of the Field Trial Secretary to require.  Copies of pedigrees (certified or not) are NOT acceptable.
Records  101 (update 3/08)

As directed by the ASFA BoD I wrote an article for
FAN about records and common errors that I experience. The article was printed in the May/June 2002 FAN. What I came up with were lists of points which I felt were important. These applied to any person attending an ASFA event in regard to the submission of records. While some of them are only suggestions others are rules or policies. I then did my best to reference which rule/policy. This update will hopefully bring these lists current with our latest rulebook and subsequent changes. I hope to keep adding to this and would love for any person to email me with additions. They could be something that is done in their area and has improved their trials from the records prospective or a rule/policy that I missed.
Minnesota over Memorial Day, doing the draw.
Photo courtesy of Marilyn Standerford